The Novosibirsk metro is awaiting change, the management has refused to cooperate with the Vagonmash plant, the new business partner will be the St. Petersburg October Electric Car Repair Plant, and it will be the equipment they buy from them.
The legendary Novosibirsk metro, began to be erected on May 12, 1979, on this spring day a large metal pile was solemnly hammered, it was hammered at the station, which was later called “October”. In the same revenge, the first pits were made to develop a pit, and then the construction of the stage between the Oktyabrskaya station and Lenin Square began. At the same time, work was also being carried out on the left bank, metro builders were erecting the Studencheskaya station.
It took a long 7 years, and on January 7, 1986, the subway was inaugurated, the first passengers had the opportunity to travel a section 8.5 km long, several stations were at their service. Including the world’s longest metro bridge over the Ob River. Another 2 years have passed since that time, Sibirskaya and Garina-Mikhailovsky Square stations were also commissioned. In the 90s, the metro due to a deep crisis, construction work froze for a long time. Only in 2000 there was an opportunity to introduce a new station – “Marshal Pokryshkin”. After 5 years, the Birch Grove station was commissioned, and after another 5 years, the Zolotaya Niva station.
Now there are plans to continue the Lenin line, after a while the station “Stanislavsky Square” should appear. The Dzerzhinsky line will be replenished with stations by the Molodezhnaya station; a corresponding project already exists. Between the planned station, the section to the Golden Niva will be made in the form of a covered flyover. The unstable financial situation does not make it possible to clearly indicate the deadlines for the completion of facilities.
The indicators of the first half of 2012 showed that the metro carries 214 thousand passengers in one day. If we take all types of municipal transport, the proportion of subway traffic will be 42.8%. In fact, half of the passengers prefer the subway.
The most urgent task of the Novosibirsk Metro today is the overhaul of fifty cars, in 2013 comes the final operating life for mileage. Therefore, repairs are needed, in the near future it is necessary to build repair shops, their cost will be 167 million rubles. The metro repair base will make it possible to reduce the cost of wagon repairs, repair of rolling stock outside the city, at the factories of Moscow and St. Petersburg is expensive.
Recently, there has been a tendency to increase passengers, this determines the importance of the upcoming repair work on the restoration of cars. But this will not solve all the problems, the subway must acquire new units of rolling stock. The 2013 Metro Guide set the following tasks:
– Ensure the necessary volumes of traffic, while ensuring proper traffic safety. Maintain a high level of service culture.
– Overhaul a number of cars.
– Perform the necessary work on the construction of repair shops.


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